Welcome to SaharaSahel!

SaharaSahel is a group of change agents working on how to promote sustainable lifestyles in the Saharan and Sahelian regions of Africa.

The main objective is to help the population in one of the driest areas of the world, around the Sahara desert, to live healthy and sustainable lives in ways that are suited to their particularly harsh environment and cultural conditions, and that makes the desert greener.

Focus lies on the following key issues:

  • The creation of markets and businesses around local, natural, wild plants with potential as food sources or for other uses.
  • Research into the productivity, content and potential of local, natural, wild plants.
  • The use of solar energy for cooking and other purposes.
  • How to obtain clean drinking water under conditions where water access is strained.
  • Other issues related to combining low-footprint lifestyles with high degrees of well-being.

SaharaSahel has a particular passion for exploring and launching innovative and pioneering ideas, with high long-term impact potential.

Activity Areas

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